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Workshop Blast Cleaning Services & Industrial applications

– Antique Metalwear – Architectural items – Memorabilia – Special Wood finishes – Furniture Stripping – Aerospace – Engine Parts – Vehicle Panels – Glass – Industrial equipment – 


The application for our services spans well beyond the building sector – 

In addition to on-site work, we also provide blast cleaning and other services at our facility.

By appointment only – please phone or email to arrange a time.

We currently operate:

  • Wheelabrator abrasive blast cabinet (large pressure blast unit)
    • Running various sizes of aluminium oxide abrasives
  • Soda Blast Cabinet (large pressure blast unit)
    • Soda blast media – non-abrasive
  • Walk-in blast room
    • Various media types as per the required application
  • Super-Heated-Steam system


These systems are to accommodate small and medium size applications such as various metal parts and components, wood items, architectural items and antiques .

Note: we no longer accommodate full vehicle chassis/car shells or small boats at our facility but can still do vehicle panels.

If you think your restoration items may benefit from one of our processes, please call or email a photo of it over as we are happy to advise.

Please see the descriptions below and gallery for additional information.


Large Specialist Industrial applications:

If the items are too large to be accommodated within our shop and you have a suitable space at your location we can come to you.


As with these large copper boiler elements…

SW Sodablast ©_Manufacturing_16 (1024x393)



SW Sodablast ©_engine parts_9 (1024x224)

  • Aerospace parts (aircraft components, helicopter blades, vintage plane parts and panels)
  • Manufacturing components and parts
  • Motorcycle and car engines (alloy or steel)
  • Vehicle parts and components (alloy or Steel)
  • Vehicle panels (aluminium, steel, plastic, fibreglass, carbon fibre)
  • Steel wheels
  • Alloy wheels – we only deal with very high end alloys such as racing car wheels, vintage alloys and polished motorcycle wheels.
    • We do not have the facilities to deal with modern production alloys which all have a powder coat primer under the painted topcoat.
    • Production alloy wheels require chemical dipping, then blast cleaning, and this should be done by a company that specialises in alloy wheels and operates dip tanks responsibly.




  • Joinery – wood can be cleaned or ‘weathered’ and ‘textured’ to specification
    • solid wood and veneers
    • hard woods and soft woods
    • Bulk wood pre-build or post build on finished items
    • Can utilise custom stencils to incorporate lettering or designs
  • Furniture stripping
    • primarily hard woods such as oak and elm and some softwoods such as Victorian pitch pine
    • Modern Pine items such as window frames and doors with gloss paints or modern UV varnishes are typically not suitable unless a ‘distressed’ finish is the desired outcome. This also applies to beech woods typically used in Ercol furniture.
      • Please call for advice on your specific item.



Antiques – Architectural items – Memorabilia:

restoration blasting – paint removal

As listed building specialists, our services often extend to the restoration of architectural items, antiques and memorabilia items made from copper, brass, aluminium, historic steel and wrought iron, cast iron, wood, glass, ceramics, stone, etc.

Items we can deal with are surprisingly diverse – old hinges, door furniture, coal shuttles, cast iron fireplace, bench ends, tin, glazed tiles, tools, weigh scales, bronze sculptures and bells, brass handles, and much more.

With an appreciation of these old and historic items, we will use cleaning methods that achieve the desired results.

  • Removing paint but retaining the aged patina on old hinges or door furniture or table tops
    • In some cases we can even remove ‘most of the over paint’ if the goal is to preserve some underlying layers or original paint remnants
  • removing years of grime and oxidization from copper or brass while again retaining patina and as a preparation for polishing.
  • Sympathetically preparing items for re-finishing


Copper and brass cleaning while leaving the base patina in tact – in this case a ships lantern with the hand blown glass globe in place.

(Inside the large Soda Blast Cabinet)


French Café table and Chairs

(Inside the large Wheelabrator Abrasive Cabinet)


Aircraft Items (Aluminium):

Commercial Aircraft axle component refurbishment – soda blasted to remove a deteriorated epoxy coating and adhesive foam residue

Helicopter blades – soda blast paint and coating strip for inspection and refurbishment


Architectural Items & building restoration items
SW Sodablast ©_Architectural Salvage Fireplace_4 (1024x456)


SW Sodablast ©_Reclaimed Architectural salvage_18 (1024x258)


Industrial Look Furnishings


SW Sodablast ©_industrial look furniture_14 - C





Collectables and furniture – oak, elm, teak and some pine items:

SW Sodablast ©_Hardwood furniture_11 (1024x258)SW Sodablast ©_upcycle furnishings_20 - C


Manufacturing Applications

Vintage Aeroplane Component paint stripping
SW Sodablast ©_aeroplane restoration_1 (1024x201)


Engine Referbisment
SW Sodablast ©_Motorcycle engine_17 (1280x268)

Classic Cars – Panels & parts now v/s full vehicles

SW Sodablast ©_Aluminium panels_2 (1024x248)
SW Sodablast ©_Classic cars_6 - C

SW Sodablast ©_steel parts_19 (1024x287)


And so much more….


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