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Other Applications….

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The application for our services spans well beyond the building sector

With Multiple cleaning and paint removal methods available we are able to tackle most scenarios in a sympathetic and efficient manner, to specification.

At our premises we have blasting facilities to deal with smaller items such as Architectural Items, factory equipment refurbishment, manufacturing blasting (stainless steel, etc), Furnishings & Furniture (antique and industrial look), blast/texture wood for Joiners pre-build or post-build, Engines & mechanical parts, Automobile & Motorcycle panels & parts, equipment refurbishment & so much more.

We tend to do all these items between our building jobs, as time permits.

Some applications require on-site blasting such as some manufacturing scenarios

Below are before/after pictures of some of the items we see


Timber Frames – New Dried Oak & Green Oak Frames

© SW Sodablast Ltd_New Oak_LD5_c © SW Sodablast Ltd_New Oak_LD4_c © SW Sodablast Ltd_New Oak_LD1_c

Architectural Items & building restoration items
SW Sodablast ©_Architectural Salvage Fireplace_4 (1024x456)SW Sodablast ©_Reclaimed Architectural salvage_18 (1024x258)

Industrial Look Furnishings
SW Sodablast ©_industrial look furniture_14 - CSW Sodablast ©_upcycle furnishings_20 - C

SW Sodablast ©_industrial look fixings_13 - CSW Sodablast ©_copper_7 (1024x503)

Certain Furnishings – Older hardwoods such as Oak, Elm

SW Sodablast ©_dark oak furniture_8 (1024x386) SW Sodablast ©_Hardwood furniture_11 (1024x258)


Manufacturing Applications
SW Sodablast ©_Manufacturing_16 (1024x393)

Vintage Aeroplane Component paint stripping
SW Sodablast ©_aeroplane restoration_1 (1024x201)


Engine Referbisment
SW Sodablast ©_Motorcycle engine_17 (1280x268) SW Sodablast ©_engine parts_9 (1024x224)

Classic Cars (Primarily doing panels & parts now v/s full vehicles – specialty in aluminium, fibreglass)
SW Sodablast ©_Aluminium Vehicles_3 (1024x266) SW Sodablast ©_Aluminium panels_2 (1024x248) SW Sodablast ©_Fiberglass Vehicles_10 - C SW Sodablast ©_Classic cars_6 - C

SW Sodablast ©_hotrods & Steel Vehicles_12 - C SW Sodablast ©_steel parts_19 (1024x287)


And so much more….


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