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With Multiple cleaning and paint removal methods available we are able to tackle most scenarios in a sympathetic and efficient manner, to specification.

We are registered as a National Trust Contractor and have been sub-contracted to work on World Heritage Structures, English Heritage Properties, British Waterways properties and many private homes, public and commercial properties.

Below are a few of our highlighted projects.

Paint removal (modern pliable & cement based coatings) – Stone Cleaning – Brick & Tile Cleaning – Wood Beam Restoration – Concrete Structure Restoration – Buildings – Monuments – Steel & Cast Iron Structures – Architectural Items


World Heritage – Listed Concrete – Three Tecton Structures at Dudley Zoo

Processes used:

  • Thermatech Super-Heated-Steam – Removal of modern pliable paint & organics
  • Technical Light Abrasive Basting – Removal of cement based coatings to specification
  • Sodablasting – Removal of resin & sealant residue spillages from other restoration processes
  • Most Challenging was the Fluted detailing on the walkway facing but was successfully completed to specification

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Fluted detailing – Original shape lost due to the shear volume of coatings
Removal required three steps using two processes.
1st – Thermatech Superheated Steam – removal of many pliable top coating paint layers
2nd & 3rd – Restoration blasting using a fine friable light abrasive – removal of numerous cement based coatings.  This was accomplished in two stages with skilled blasting techniques taking all the coatings off to the base concrete.

(Same Patch)
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Concrete repairs complete

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Stone & Masonry Cleaning & Paint removal from:
Sandstone, Hamstone, Bath Stone, Marble & other stone types, Brick, Tiles

  • Thermatech Super-Heated-Steam – Modern paint & organic matter
  • Sodablasting – paint removal, sealant removal, organic matter
  • Technical Light Abrasive Basting – If the surface requires ‘scrubbing’ to remove or lighten areas of contaminants such as tars cooked into brick & stone through fire damage

Tudor Cottage (Listed) – Paint removal for brick pointing repair and wood beam restoration

Tudor Home paint removal

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English Heritage
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SW Sodablast ©_Listed Buildings_19_19 (1280x262)Fire Damage – Listed Building Restoration

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Private Homes
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Wood Beams – Oak Panelling – Oak Stud Walls – Elm Beams – New Green Oak infill, etc

– Sodablasting – Removal of paint, stain paint, wax, lime wash, lighten oil finishes, & general cleaning (will leave woodworm holes, historical markings and natural aging patina in-tact)
Light abrasive –  New Green Oak – Cleaning black marks & water stains and blending of new green oak infill wood, including veneers, to leave a non-fuzzy ‘clean’ finish without taking excessive amounts of wood grain/drifting

English Heritage
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Private Listed & Unlisted Homes
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Post Plastering Wood Beam (paint strip or Cleaning)

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Green Oak (New Build & Listed Infill blending)

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