Industrial Building Conversions

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Industrial Building Conversions & Uplifts

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Industrial Building Conversions & Uplifts

With Multiple paint removal methods and proprietary dust management systems available we are able to tackle most scenarios in a sympathetic and efficient manner, to specification.

With these projects the blast cleaned wall is the ‘end finish’ and as such it needs to look great.

As all manner of coatings (paint or otherwise) plus old industry residue can be on the walls it is a bit unpredictable what the wall is going to look like in the end.  And sometimes the paint removal is required as it is trapping water within the wall and deteriorating the brick or stone.

As these factors affect the end result, our approach is to work with yourselves during the blasting program to determine the most desirable end specification and achieve the best look.

We can also provide pre-project consultation to your design team and architects about a blasting program and the potential results.

Below are a few of our highlighted projects.


2nd floor project – Old Factory building – Office Uplift Project
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Listed canal Building in Birmingham – Conversion into a Restaurant 

20160303_103908Canal Co Building_2  Canal Co Building_3  Canal Co Building_1Canal Co Building_5Canal Co Building_4

3rd Floor – Old Factory building – Office Uplift Project
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Internal Building Conversion to Flats
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Industrial Building Office Uplift
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Feature wall section inside a large open area – full isolated dust containment required
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Industrial look furnishings (Old Steel Filing Cabinets sodablast paint striped)
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