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Commercial, Public & Private Projects

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Commercial projects:

With Multiple cleaning and paint removal methods available we are able to tackle most scenarios in a sympathetic and efficient manner, to specification.

We work with City & County Councils and Private Companies on a wide variety of Projects
If you have a specialty cleaning requirement please contact us as we may be able to help.

Below are a few of our diverse projects.

New Oak Timber Frames – Stone & Brick Cleaning – Graffiti removal – Tar & Sealant removal – Stainless Steel Cleaning –  Monument Cleaning – Concrete Structure Restoration – Buildings – Steel & Cast Iron Structures – Architectural Items – Swimming pools – Warehouse floor remediation – Schools and many more applications


 Public building (listed) Cleaning during repairs

super heated steam - stone cleaning super heated steam - stone cleaning super heated steam - stone cleaning

Private Home – Removal of Failed UV Varnish from oak cladding

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New Oak & Green Oak Frames

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Private Commercial building Update

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Fire Damage Remediation – Insurance, Sub-contract or Private

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Smoke damage test patches from various surfaces
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Schools & County Council
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Graffiti Removal
– Examples below – Special Surface Bridge deck &  Listed Public Building & Marker

SW Sodablast ©_Commercial & Private_18_17 (1024x599)Block of Flats – Sealant removal from Bath Laminate Stone
SW Sodablast ©_Commercial & Private_8_8 (1280x324) SW Sodablast ©_Commercial & Private_5_5 (1280x484)

Public Swimming Pool – Tile Cleaning – County Council
– Deep Cleaning to remove fatty deposits & grime from tile (Super-heated-Steam)
– Pictured below – Tile Referb gone wrong (Epoxy Skim coat removed from tile using Sodablasting)

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Structural Fabric Cleaning
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Offshore Oil  Rig Pipes – NDT Testing requirements

ATEX Rated Equipment available – Process is ATEX Compliant
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Grain Bin Refurbishment
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